For those who think there's no point in advertising on the radio, here's proof that there is.  Our listeners really do pay attention to what we say and do.

This morning, Jade and I were on the air discussing the fact that it's payday and that our taxes hit as well.  We had a good laugh about it on the air and kept our day moving, as usual.

Well, I went to check the text line, and saw that one of our listeners had commented on the conversation we'd just had on the air, by making reference to a commercial we'd been running about what we were going to do when we got our tax refunds.

I showed Jade, and we had one of the biggest laughs (as if we don't laugh enough already).

But just in case you were wondering if it pays to advertise on the radio, here's proof that it does!  Not only do listeners pay attention, they remember!

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