In late April, WTUG decided to give away a visit to a hair salon, makeup, and a photo shoot to a deserving mother for Mother's Day.

Salon R agreed to partner with us for hair and nails and then linked us up with BonMercy Beauty Bar for makeup.  Camera Play Photography caught wind of the promotion and offered a free photo shoot.

(Credit: Jalen Turner)
(Credit: Jalen Turner)

The winner, Cynthia Blount, was nominated by her son Jaren Turner, who wrote the following:

My mom, Cynthia, has been the best mother to raise a young man as myself. Playing both roles of mother and father. Sacrificing numerous things to make sure I got any and everything I need. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be where I am today. The strongest woman I know dealing with a young boy and paying for a house, car, and other bills all on her own. She makes a way out of no way and she will forever be the person I look up to and strive to keep happy. If I could give her the world and some I would. I love her more than life myself.

After a day of voting, there was a tie.  So, the poll time was extended another 12 hours, which is when Ms. Blount inched out the win.

WTUG would like to thank Salon R, BonMercy Beauty Bar, and Camera Play for supporting us with this.  It's not often that businesses are willing to donate their services.  Great work!

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