Uriel Sinal/Getty Images

..Thought it was a drought? Well it looks like it just might be in the illegal drug world when it comes to marijuana.

On Friday, in the Highland Park area of Birmingham, authorities arrested 24 year-old, Joshua Burchfield. On Burchfield's personal social media page, he says hes the 'purveyor of dope stuff'. It looks like his 'dope stuff' has now landed him in jail.

Burchfield was not just selling any regular type of weed, it was high grade and vacuumed air tight in pouches. Authorities believe it was meant to be transported.

He is now being charged with first-degree unlawful possession of marijuana and drug trafficking.He is still in jail with over 80 thousand dollars worth of bonds.

Even though there  may be talk of legalizing marijuana, it does not change the fact that it's still not legal in the state of Alabama.

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