Thousands Of Malls Across U.S. Threatened As Retail Stores Pull Out
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Are you an impulsive shopper? 


I think every woman in America shops impulsively! Just think about it, when you go to Walmart for two simple items, you always come out with a shopping cart full of stuff! Oh and don't let it be a sale in the mall while you're going to get lunch in the food court! How about that candy bar you grabbed when you went to get gas?

Remember Jade just did a remote at that furniture store last week? She SAID she was only buying a couple of things...that girl went off!  We just can't help it!

According to a new survey, the average American makes 156 impulse purchases a year.  So, if you add that up, over the course of our life, we'll spend around 324 THOUSAND DOLLARS on things we had no intentions of buying!

Here are the top five impulse buys we make, does any of this look familiar to you?

1.  Food and groceries, 71%

2.  Clothing, 53%.

3.  Household items, 33%.

4.  Takeout food and delivery, 29%.

5.  Shoes, 28%.

The only thing I didn't see on the list is electronics!  A lot of men cannot pass the electronics sections without a small purchase!  Therefore, I believe the survey was given to all women!