Have you noticed a child with great artistic skill and felt like the child could become famous or receive major money for his artwork someday?  Well, that day has arrived!

In terms of search engines, Google is my go-to; but it's also my homepage when I open my web browser (Chrome).

I search for items quite regularly, but I apparently don't pay much attention to anything else on the page, other than the doodles for various observances. Today was different, though.  Today, I saw a link that said "Doodle 4 Google."

I'd never before thought about where Google gets the doodles for the aforementioned observances.  Curiosity got the best of me, and I clicked the link.

Apparently, Google holds this contest annually, where submissions are accepted from students grades K-12.  Finalists are selected from each state, who then compete nationally.  The public votes on the national finalist, and a winner is chosen.

What do they win?

Well, in addition to a $30,000 college scholarship, a $50,000 tech package for the student's school/non-profit organization and a behind-the-scenes experience of transforming the artist's drawing into an interactive experience on Google.com are up for grabs!

Who wouldn't want that?  With as many school systems and non-profit organizations that are looking for ways to obtain funding, this would be a big win!  Encourage your young artist to enter! The deadline is quickly approaching!

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