Gilbert Arenas county fair basketball prizes
Instagram / Gilbert Arenas

There's always something to do around town and especially since the weather is starting to get a little better. Here are some things to do this weekend.

UA Gymnastics Senior Night - The University of Alabama Women's Gymnastic team will take on Iowa State University tonight at 7:30 P.M. This will also serve as UA Gymnastics's Team Senior Night. This is a special night because these are the last senior girls who were coached under legendary Sarah Patterson.

The Pop Up Carnival - Little is known about whoever is over this random carnival that just appeared at the abandoned McFarland Mall, but it looks like a good time. Try going Saturday afternoon during nicer temperatures. I'll definitely go out there to get some cotton candy and popcorn!

19th Century Exhibit- Make sure you head on over to the Jeminison Mansion. Despite it's spooky looking exterior, they are offering a tour of a 19th Century Exhibit featuring tons of real artifacts from parlors. The exhibit is open until late March

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