You may have noticed that the building once housing Lenny's Sub Shop and most recently Ezell's Express on 15th Street is going though another change.

On the edge of the road is a sign that reads, "Pokeritto68." After some research, we've learned that Pokeritto68 will be a Hawaiian/Mexican fusion restaurant that's set to open in a few weeks.

The name Pokeritto combines the words poke and burrito. Poke is the Hawaiian verb for "section" and is frequently used to describe a sushi bowl. The new restaurant Pokeritto68 will offer customers the ability to customize their sushi bowls or sushi burritos with many options ranging from sushi grade fish to grilled chicken.

Pokeritto68 is planning to revolutionize fast-casual dining by providing delicious, fresh, and healthy food at prices college students can afford.

UPDATE: The restaurant is now open and serving customers on 15th Street. Here's the Facebook page if you want to learn more.

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