It's that time of the year for my annual check-up and gone are the days where my Mom would schedule my appointments. 'Adulting' is only fun until you have to schedule health appointments and pay bills...sigh.

But yesterday, I ran into a major issue when trying to find a doctor here in town. I have insurance (under my parents) and it's pretty top-knotch compared to most insurance plans, but I couldn't get an appointment.

No, the doctors weren't booked.

The doctors around town are cherry-picking patients they choose to provide services for. I basically had to do an over the phone application with the receptionist and then wait 48 hours to hear back.

Weird right? Very.

I thought the whole point of being a doctor is to cure people and make a healthier world. What's the point of insurance if the doctor you would like to see doesn't want to see you? I understand business is business, but cherry-picking patients is morally wrong.

I was frustrated and annoyed, but waiting is my only option right now. I feel sorry for people with illnesses and diseases like cancer.

What is the world coming to?


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