If you’re a social media participant, chances are you’ve done (probably more than) your fair share of wishing couples a Happy Anniversary. If you’re married, you know the hard work and sacrifice it takes to maintain such a relationship.  If you’re single, you either envy the person who’s found a lifelong partner… Or you wonder just how a person can deal with another for an entire year.

If you fall into the latter category, this is for you:

It’s National Singles Week!

According to National Day Calendar, National Singles Week is dedicated to the singletons of the nation. The week-long celebration embraces both the unique qualities single adults offer the world at large and the challenges they as individuals face.

It’s common for married people to look upon single people as simply having not met the right person yet, but the fact of the matter is that not all single people want to be married. Some desire to be married but not before they accomplish certain goals.

The following is a list of reasons to stay single:

  1. You’re selfish.  Some people already know that they care about nothing but having their needs met. These people have no capacity to consider others’ needs. Therefore, they shouldn’t enter into a relationship where another person’s needs should be considered.
  2. Your career comes third in your list of priorities, only after your spiritual life and yourself.  It’s understandable for your career to have a level of importance when you’re single, but once you take on a spouse, that person should be of equal importance as yourself. If you don’t look at it that way, go ahead and stay single.
  3. You’re a loner.  Seriously, popularity is desired by some, but not everyone wants to be surrounded by people. Then there are those who don’t want to be around ANYBODY! They max out on conversation and attention span very quickly. Unless they get a partner who gives them the space they need, they should just stay alone.
  4. You’re jealous.  Nope, nobody should have to work to make you more secure.  That’s something you should do on your own… ALONE!
  5. You have disrespectful children. Nobody wants to be with someone who has very little control over his or her children. Your significant other can care a great deal about you, and disrespectful children can run them away.  Just stay alone until you get your children under control.

Granted, sometimes it takes a special person to change the life of a single person, to be exactly what someone else needs.  In such cases, yield and enjoy yourself. However, if you’re not there yet and you think the single life is best for you, you are to be commended.  There are already too many people in relationships, wreaking havoc when they should have been single a while longer.

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