I can’t get enough of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, which for me, gives me every emotion imaginable.  It’s a mix of superhero, insane powers, and comic book thrill, which provides you with very distinct areas of viewing pleasure that incorporates the cast, music, visual style, and suspense.  According to IMDB, they describe The Umbrella Academy as “a family of former child heroes, now grown apart, must reunite to continue to protect the world.”

I watched season one back in December 2019 and just finished season two last night.  I was introduced to The Umbrella Academy by my cousin Doug, and when the news hit that season two was coming out, we made a pact to watch it together, virtually.  We coordinated our watching times and would call each other on Zoom after each episode.

Here are my six reasons why you should watch The Umbrella Academy

6 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘The Umbrella Academy’ On Netflix

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