No one really seeks to make national news unless it's for a major accomplishment like winning a national contest of some sort. Most stories that make national headlines are either centered around politics or they take place in a major metropolitan area.

However, there are a few times in recent years that our great city of Tuscaloosa has drawn the eyes of people across the country.

7 Times Tuscaloosa Made National Headlines

Sometimes, looking upon the past can be quite painful, but every now and then a trip down Memory Lane not only shows how far you've come but it also serves as a reminder that no one is exempt from stupidity and that at any moment, any of us can be a headline.

Of course there are numerous other instances where Tuscaloosa took center stage. These are just a few from the past decade or so.

Can you think of any other remarkable occurrences that placed us in the limelight? Anything dumb that you have to be from Tuscaloosa or surrounding areas to remember or to find funny?

There's nothing like an inside joke.  Those things that join us together sometimes don't require explanation. Sometimes a shared glance can be one of the most comical or relational interactions with absolutely no words spoken.

If you can think of a moment where Tuscaloosa was highlighted, whether honorable or embarrassing, leave a "remember when" in the comments!

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