Last night,  R&B artist Tank put on an amazing performance at Workplay Theater in Birmingham.

Because I left work later than I planned, I missed a good portion of the concert, but I was able to catch some of Sammie.


After he left the stage, the dj ROCKED the crowd in preparation for Tank!

When Tank came out, he gave a very intimate show. He sang some of his older songs, some new ones, and many that weren't played on the radio. What was most entertaining, though, was probably the way his personality shined through! He came across as fun-loving and relatable!

Of course, I have numerous pictures of him on stage.

In addition to taking in all that my eyes could see, I enjoyed spending the evening with other bad bosses!

It was a very thrilling Thursday, and I've been amped all day today... But when I crash, oh I'm going down!

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