As one who is always on a quest for knowledge and for understanding people while accepting differences, I often find myself in the weird world of the Internet, reading all kinds of articles and watching videos that probably wouldn’t interest many.

Today, I came across a video composed of interracial couples discussing their experiences.  One comment really resonated with me.  A Black woman stated that when dining, even if the service is poor, she still feels obligated to tip well as a means of not falling into the stereotype that Black people don’t tip.

I’ve heard it a few times. It is said that this is true, especially for Black women.

Personally, I typically tip 15-20%.  Every now and then, if the service is substantially poor, I’ll leave a very small tip; but it is also accompanied by a complaint.  The reason for this is because when service is that poor, it’s usually not the server’s fault.  He or she is often new or not properly trained.  Then, too, there are instances where management is not the best.  I don’t think the server should have to suffer the consequences of bad management.

For instance, more than once, I’ve been seated in sections where no servers were assigned.  A server in an adjacent section saw me unassisted and began serving me, taking care of his or her section first, sometimes forgetting they started serving me. I would say that’s not really the server’s fault.

I tip carhops, bell hops, the valet, etc. I refuse to believe I’m the exception. So, let’s talk about it.  The only way to dispel stereotypes is to break them down, discover the ways they were developed, and work to bring about differing views.

So, Black people, I want to hear from you.  Do you tip?  What would cause you to not tip?

(By the way, here's the video I was watching that brought all of this on.)

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