This weekend I watched a video that has basically scared me for life!  Scroll to see the entire video at the bottom of this page.

I still can’t get over it!

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Hybrid snakes…

Okay, I have seen a lot of pictures of beautiful hybrid snakes this weekend.


I know, how boring I spent my weekend researching hybrid snakes…

The colors of the hybrid snakes were something that I was not prepared for.

Not that I would have a pet snake, but I can admire it from afar.

Canva | Jacob Harrison, Townsquare Media
Canva | Jacob Harrison, Townsquare Media

Now, breeding for a snake's color I understand, this one hybrid, I just do not understand.

In the United States, we have snakes that can kill us, we know this and know what to look for. Heck, in our small corner of this country we have snakes that cause us to think twice about putting our shoes on.


So why would someone breed a hybrid of the 2 most dangerous snakes in North America?

What made someone think that breeding a cottonmouth and a copperhead was the best plan ever?

Yes, let’s just take these 2 and create America’s version on a black mamba snake from Australia!

Joey Josselson/Twitter
Joey Josselson/Twitter

So before you go and yell at me that it’s a pet snake that is kept safely indoors.

Here’s a point I would like to bring up, pet snakes have been known to escape captivity and wander outdoors!

 In Alabama alone we have pet snakes go missing all the time.

That being said, have hybrids ever gone missing?

Total Lunar Eclipse Passes over California Desert
Getty Images

The answer is YES! Hybrid pet snakes have gone missing in the past.

Have escaped hybrid snakes ever populated while in the wild?

The answer is YES! Pet hybrid snakes have created a new breed of snake in the wild.  Here is a video of a hybrid snake called a Cottonhead.  A Copperhead/Cottonmouth Hybrid..

So, I tend to go back to the original thought I had, why create something that can be even deadlier than the top 5 snakes in our country?

As I stated, I would never have a pet snake, but I can admire them.

Yet the thought of this one hybrid has me checking my surroundings! I mean, I wouldn’t want to come across this one in my yard!

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