Sweet treats and summer go hand in hand. There are tons of great spots in West Alabama to satisfy your sweet tooth from pop-up carts to ice cream trucks, and shops. There is a national list of the nation’s best soft-serve ice cream and an Alabama has been recognized.


The Cheapism organized a top list based on “reviews and rankings from ice cream-craving customers and in-the-know food writers across the U.S.”

There are some heavy hitters on the list from Los Angeles, New York City, Florida, South Carolina, and more great states.


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Soft Serve Creation

“Soft serve is really just melted ice cream,” said Smithsonian Magazine. “In fact, one of soft serve’s originators, Tom Carvel, hit on the idea when he had to sell melting ice cream out of his broken-down shipping truck.”

Alabama Makes the List

If you are ever in the Montgomery, Alabama area be sure to stop by Nancy’s Italian Ice Shop. It ranked #11 on the Cheapism best soft serve list.

They recommend to “try the "Fancy Nancy," an Italian ice/soft serve combo, on your first visit. You'll pick a sweet and fruity Italian ice flavor, which is then paired with vanilla soft serve for a combination of textures and flavors that ends up tasting like an out-of-this-world float.”

(Source) Click here for more from Cheapism. Click here for more from the Smithsonian Magazine. Click here for more about Nancy’s Italian Ice Shop.

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