Here’s a story that really got my attention. I see why Alabama is in a financial crisis. 15 retail liquor stores will be closed throughout the state according to the Alabama Beverage Control Board.

Now get this of those 15 stores 10 were making modest profits. It gets better at the same time profitable stores are being closed; stores that have suffered substantial losses are being kept open.

Now this is part of this story I think is brilliant. Unprofitable stores are being left open because they are in rural areas. According to the Montgomery Advisor ABC administrator Mac Gipson told the Advertiser’s Brian Lyman. “They’re losing more money, but (closings) make the customer constituents have to drive further to get a bottle.”

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? They close DL offices that are making money and leave the liquors stores that are losing money open so you won’t have to drive so far to get a bottle of liquor.

Alabama closed driver’s license offices in 28 counties to saved $100,000 and will keep one liquor store open at a cost of $75,000. Maybe I need to go back to school.