TRUE Love never dies.

Is that a true statement?

That's true for Mark and Carol, a couple that met in high school, and lost touch after going to college.

Mark, left for Tuscaloosa, Alabama and the University of Alabama. He tried to stay in touch with sweet Carol, but it just did not seem to work out very well.

Long distance relationships are not an easy thing to make last very long.

Just a few days ago, Mark found Carol again and you must hear them tell the story below.

*Audio from Steve & DC/Townsquare Media

Could you wait a lifetime for the one true love of your life?

Do you believe in "soulmates"?

This is an adorable video of a couple in their nineties getting married and proving it is never too late.

*Video from CBS Sacramento/YouTube

I think most of us never forget our first real love.

I remember mine, at the age of 14, her name was Tiffanie Mitchell.

When I divorced in 2013, Tiffanie had also recently divorced.

We connected via social media and started dating again at the age of 40.

Well, it didn't last too long, BUT it was fun to see her after all those years.

That's what makes these stories so amazing. 57 years later you marry the love of your life....after letting her get away.

If you have been thinking about a love from your past, maybe this will encourage you to reach out to him or her.

I hope you do. Like that song, "I Hope You Dance", life only happens one time and you better not waste it.

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