It's one thing to believe you're being picked on at work, but there's something entirely different when such an incident is captured on camera.

That's exactly what supposedly happened with a woman from Guin, Ala.

According to her roommate, Claudia Thomas doesn't expose her hair to many, and she often wears a hat.  Apparently, her coworkers thought it would be funny to remove her hat and expose her vulnerability.

As Thomas flailed, clearly mortified, her coworkers continued to tease her and even tugged at her legs to remove her from her place of hiding.

One of the comments in the original post says that the person who pulled off the young lady's hat is actually her cousin.

Even if that is the case, it doesn't take away from the humiliation Thomas faced. The reaction of other coworkers made it even worse.

It is said that Thomas was allegedly written up for engaging in horseplay.

HORSEPLAY!!! That's how her retreat from an embarrassing position was described.

The poster described a number of instances in which Thomas was said to have been mistreated in her workplace and encouraged others to file complaints with Chevron, which is the parent company of that particular truckstop.

It's amazing how children are taught against bullying, but there are some adults who obviously believe such antics are harmless, acceptable, and even funny.

The fact that no one seemingly defended Thomas and that she was reprimanded while she was clearly the victim speaks volumes. If anyone should have been accused of horseplay, it should have been the hat taker and the leg puller.

Definitely not the victim.

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