The 227 and American Crime actress Regina King and my homeboy, legendary Brooklyn rapper, Dana Dane are turning Cinderella into a dude with a whole lot of swag for a movie adaptation of Dana Dane's 1987 hit "Cinderfella."

The Originals In Concert

We're told the script is finished and they are shopping around for actors. Ice Cube might hop onto the project.

One of Dana's biggest hits was"Cinderfella" As you know, the lyrics puts the Cinderella story in the hood. Instead of a fairy godmother, Dana rapped about his fairy godfather and instead of glass slippers, Cinderfella shows up to the party in a pair of brand new Ballys ... one of which gets left behind.

King already has a good track record with Cinderella flicks. She starred in the remake "A Cinderella Story" which was a hit at the box office. Hoping this movie do well, loved the song!