Gas still costs $85 a gallon. I'm only slightly exaggerating. Inflation sucks.

Joe Biden is still the President of the United States. You get the idea.

Every other day in  West Alabama lately, it's "2 people killed"/"another shooting at an apartment complex" and on and on.

I am ready for some GOOD NEWS!

A husband and a wife that were truly made for one another.

They are from Huntsville, Alabama and they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in early July. Everyone gets married in June or July. Right?

In this case, Arthur and Maggie, were so close and truly best friends.

When one died, the other was simply lost.

Oh, I worry about this so much with my parents.

They've been married 54 years this week. They are always together. I don't know that they have ever spent a night apart from each other.

If my parents do not die together, and I feel so weird typing that....I do not know how the other would be able to carry on.

Back to Arthur & Maggie, where you can click on the clip below to hear more on their love and the deaths just a few hours apart. You'll hear from the family, including their children.

That is true love and true soulmates.


Police officers doing heroic things and nobody noticed.

Two police officers pulled a woman from a burning car. They were burnt while rescuing the woman but that didn't stop them.

HEROES! Listen Below


Police officers impact citizens for good far more often than shooting a perpetrator.

We will tell those stories here!

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