It's time for students to go back to school, and while clothing and school supplies are of the utmost importance to parents, having a decent presentation is significant as well.

Moundville native Tim Anderson, Jr. is a Chicago White Sox, but when it comes to the place he calls home, he doesn't play! On Sunday, August 4th, Anderson will host Cuts for Kids at the Hillcrest High School gymnasium.

It's one thing for students to return to school with all of the tools necessary to start the school year on a positive note, but making sure the children FEEL confident is just as instrumental as having the school supplies on their lists; and few things make children feel as good as knowing they look good. Of course, Anderson couldn't provide clothing for all students, but he is helping where he can.

This is a community endeavor. Anderson has partnered with area barbers to make this event happen. Be sure to spread the word!



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