The past few days, I've been asked numerous times what I think about the local economy being reopened as the COVID-19 curve appears to have flattened. So, here's my OPINION. Again, my opinion, meaning you can debate with yourself.

Let's go to the basics first.

It is believed that social distancing prevents new cases of the novel coronavirus, in that the fewer people you're around, the less likely you are to pick up extra germs. I agree with that.

There are some people who are REALLY essential personnel such as law enforcement, medical professionals, and the media.  Stating the media is not a biased statement.  How else would anyone know what's going on unless the media works?

While restaurants were allowed to remain open for take-out and curbside business, other businesses could have been granted the same opportunities, in my opinion.  For instance, some people use retail therapy to balance anxiety.  If they can shop online and have items shipped, they should be allowed to shop the websites of their favorite local businesses and go to pick up their purchases.  So, in that regard, I think if any business was allowed to remain open with modifications, ALL should've been... Unless there's no way they could adequately operate without customers coming inside.

On the other hand, I think social distancing is imperative and that just because something is lawful doesn't make it expedient.

It was commendable for governments to institute orders and curfews to keep residents safe and to keep the virus at bay... BUT when PPE isn't made mandatory for those going into stores for groceries or home improvement materials, there is still risk for the customers as well as the employees. And the risk is greater than that for a hairdresser who has up to three clients at a time.

Do I think it's too soon to open the economies? No, I don't.  The fact of the matter is that not many people stayed at home anyway. Aside from small funerals as allowed by law, here have been parties and other gatherings that people didn't have sense enough to keep quiet or at least off social media.

There are some who understand the risk involved in reopening the economy and who won't be in a rush to return to normal even in a new variation.  They know that in doing so, there is a possibility of an increase of infections.  They also know that there are some people who won't take necessary precautions on their own, who have been saved by the restrictions.

I think it is important for the economy to reopen, not only because of tax collections but also because of the impossibility of a functioning society without working people.  Again, I think businesses should operate under certain guidelines and that all people should be required to wear personal protective equipment. If all of that is in place, reopening local economies might be good... But (be sure to note) this is coming from someone who will continue to practice social distancing at least another month.

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