Happy Birthday Luther Vandross - #CELEBRATINGLUTHER

Just call me a “Fandross” because I love all things, Luther Vandross.  According to IMDB, Luther was born “on April 20, 1951, in Kips Bay, Manhattan, New York City, New York and died July 1, 2005, Edison, New Jersey due to complications from a stroke.”  I remember my first Luther Vandross concert like it was yesterday.  It was magical.  I felt like he was signing to just me.

To celebrate his birthday, I will be hosting a Luther Vandross Mini-Concert at 4 pm today, which will be three in a row of your favorite Luther songs.  Only three?  That is so hard with music from Luther because he has such a deep catalog.  Another way to celebrate is an idea from an extension of the Luther Vandross website called Fandross; they asked that you “post a birthday wish on your IG with #CELEBRATINGLUTHER – sing, dance, play an instrument or whatever feels right.  Just have a good time.”

(Source) For more background on Luther Vandross at IMDB, click here. For more about Fandross, click here. 

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