Photo compliments of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office



One Atlanta Mom does the unthinkable to her 2 young sons.

Atlanta Police say  24 year old Lamora Williams murdered her two youngest sons “by placing them in an oven and turning it on,” according to an arrest warrant.  Keyante Penn, 2, and Ja’karter Penn, 1, died. Police say the kids were found dead in the home. Mother said she left the home, then came back to find the kids dead.  Police later found out that wasn't the case.

The father,Jameel Penn could not process the disturbing image of his sons’ lifeless bodies on Friday the 13th .   The mother of his two toddlers, Lamora Williams told him they had been killed. To make the situation more devastating, Jameel said he was shown images of his children’s burned bodies on a video chat.

What's even more sad is, at the time of the killing, Penn’s third child, 3-year-old, Jameel Penn Jr., was present, but not injured. Police said Penn Jr. witnessed their mother perform the alleged killing.

It's a tragedy which her sister thinks could have been prevented.

"She had issues and the fact that the state failed her, that's a problem," said Tabitha Hollingworth.

Plus, family say the writing was on the wall. She routinely left her children home alone and had even attempted to cut her wrists.

"I reported her to DFACS (Division of Family and Children Services)at one point in time once her father died and I did tell DFACS everything because I either wanted them to give me the kids or get the kids out of her possession because at one time I thought she was just going nuts not feeding them," said the toddler's grandmother.

Lamora Williams waived her first court appearance yesterday.