When it comes to the Beyhive (aka Beyoncé’s fans) you better watch your step. They don’t play when it comes to their queen. But for some reason, Michelle Williams wanted to pull a little prank on the Beyhive. Uh, wrong move.

According to E! News, Williams was at the Liberty University's Convocation when someone dared her to call Beyoncé. So the Destiny’s Child singer obliged the audience and dialed her number but she got a voicemail message instead of Beyoncé. While it looked like an embarrassing moment, Williams said the whole thing was actually staged.

As part of the prank, the singer received a call back from "Beyoncé" and they tried to sing "Survivor" together. But in the end, it wasn't Queen Bey it was all a joke.

"It was a prank goofballs!!" she tweeted with a few laughing emojis. "No real numbers were used.....the voice on the voicemail was a young Lady from the university.*slaps knee*"

However, some members of the Beyhive wasn't amused by the prank. "That's not nice" tweeted one person. However, there was some who knew it wasn't real.

Williams did apologize to people who felt tricked by her prank. She also explained that the prank wasn't her idea and she agreed to do it before the program started.

Watch the video above and see Michelle make the prank call.

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