How many "hot car deaths" do we have to see for people to stop doing this?

UPDATED: We got some more info on what happened on Monday and it's good news. 

In the age of technology, news travels fast! One post circulating on Facebook alleges that a newborn was left inside a vehicle at America's Thrift Store on Skyland Boulevard in Tuscaloosa today!

In the comments on the post, it was stated that the two people who left the child in the car probably had their phones with them.


It's a sad reality to face.  It seems that technology is ruining our brains!  How quickly do our tempers flare?  How many phone numbers do we remember? It's like technology is causing our brains to rot concerning everything BUT technology! Luckily, first responders arrived quickly and were able to get the child out of the car, but we HAVE TO be more aware of the presence of our children while traveling!

Maybe more resources should be made available to help new parents prepare for their lives to change, maternity leave/paternity leave should be extended, or new parents should take a test to prove they are prepared for the responsibilities of parenthood. Whatever the case, more preventive measures need to be taken to keep innocent children from suffering this way!

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