No doubt about it, news travels FAST! We have an update on the story of the child being left in a car in Tuscaloosa.

Monday, we received news, complete with photos, of emergency response attempting to break into a vehicle where a newborn was allegedly left inside. (Click here for that story.)

Today, an update was provided. Turns out, a child WAS left in the vehicle, but this was NOT like all of the other cases we've seen in the news in recent years!

Apparently, a mother accidentally locked her keys in the vehicle. The error was immediately noticed, and emergency response was notified. It is said that the car was opened within 10 minutes. This wasn't a case of negligence. It was simply a mistake. It's an uncommon one, as most vehicles today have remotes which make locking your keys inside pretty unlikely. But it does happen!

It's great to live in a city where emergency personnel respond quickly and where citizens respond with such disdain for perceived negligence. It proves that we care for humankind, even strangers.

To the mom who locked her keys in the car, we know that had to have been a stressful moment, and we're happy the result wasn't worse. It sucks for news of your dilemma to have traveled so fast; but although we still don't know who you are, you have certainly taught us all a lesson in being alert. So, thank you!


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