There is no excuse for stealing, not even a piece of bacon. That was what happened at Waffle House over the weekend. A man was intoxicated and stole bacon off of a a lady's plate. OK, bacon can have a certain effect on people but this guy went to far. The man took bacon off of a stranger’s plate and ate it in front of her.
When the victim told him he needed to replace the bacon, he demanded more food.

Customers in the store came to the woman's aid when She asked him to move away from her, but he refused. A fight ensued with the drunk man and other customers.The man was arrested and charged in the incident.

No matter how drunk you are, you don't go around stealing food off of peoples plate.

Worst of all, you don't demand more 'free' food from the person you just stole from.

And you certainly don't pick a fight with an entire restaurant when you are totally wrong...and totally intoxicated.


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