It goes without saying that the Internet has no chill, but in the case of Kevin Hart's alleged extramarital activities and subsequent apology, the term "too soon" doesn't apply. This is pure genius!

Just in case you haven't heard, evidence has emerged that Kevin Hart may have cheated on his VERY pregnant wife.  Kevin has taken to social media to deliver a public apology to his family in what is being described as an extortion attempt.

Sounds like a very apologetic man, right?  Well, it DID until this music was added to his video.  If Kev had rhymed ANY of his apology even a little, this could be the next R&B hit!

Tight vocals, nice arrangement, great editing... This begs for one of the Internet's most popular question: Who made this?

Luckily, we already have the answer. The Millennialnaires and Dre Speaks are the masterminds behind this remixed video. Now, we have to look out for more of their work!

As for Kevin Hart and the possibility of him cheating on his wife in her current state...


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