Experts predict that we'll be seeing a record number of highway travelers during the next couple of weeks. Therefore, Alabama State Troopers are increasing their patrol units during the holiday season, as part of their #ArriveAliveAlabama campaign.

This heightened enforcement period is going on from now until midnight January 1rst. In the words of The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, "all available troopers will be assigned to patrol the state’s roads to prevent traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities". It's probably safe to assume that we should expect more citations to be written due to the increased number of law enforcement and travelers on the road, as well. 

According to AAA ,107.3 million Americans will be traveling during the holiday period between Dec. 23 and Jan. 1, which is expected to be the highest year-end travel volume on record, and approximately, a 3.1 percent increase over last year.

So, if you're traveling during the holidays this year, be careful, be safe, and be alert.

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