'Big Brother' is on its 15th season, but unfortunately for the show it will probably go down in history as the most insensitive season ever, with contestants Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman being at the forefront of the racism controversy. Zimmerman even lost her job back at home because of it.

And now house member Amanda Zuckerman has joined in, with a recent super-cut that has surfaced in which she rants about Puerto Ricans, African Americans and homosexuals.

In the confessional, Zuckerman tries to argue that she's not racist before the show segues into a clip of her referring to how she's taking "Puerto Rican showers" and then arguing that such a statement isn't racist because "Puerto Ricans are smelly."

Watch the video footage in horror as she claims, "I have a black f---ing cousin. I'm not a racist person," calls a housemate the "Black Knight" and then yells at other housemates for being racist.

You can check out the entire video of her insensitivity above. Just be warned that it's not safe for work due to strong language and various slurs.

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