What's a holiday without a Tyler Perry movie? Nothing.

"Boo! A Madea Halloween"  made 27.6 million dollars on its opening weekend. We haven't seen a Madea movie since 2013, and this was a great comeback. Creator,Tyler Perry owns his own studio, writes, produces,directs, and plays the hilarious Madea character. This was his best showing in 6 years as a director.

Movie watchers say this is not your typical Madea movie. Perry added a more diverse cast, such as Bella Thorne, Diamond White and Yousef Erakat  to attract a bigger audience.

Perry said, the story-line idea stemmed from Chris Rock's movie, Top 5, which was a spoof of the Madea franchise and other top selling movies.

Although its listed as a comedy, you can still get your dose of Halloween scare, with paranormal activity, zombie, and ghouls.

It scored a 26% on the Rotten Tomatoe's TomatoMeter. Critics say that it might not win over new fans, but, a loyal fan will find comfort in familiarity.

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