If you like “one-of-a-kind activities,” then an Online Airbnb Experience is for you. There are tons of different experiences that you can try; most are super affordable.

To start your quest for an Airbnb Experience, sign up for an Airbnb account. Once you have completed those steps, you can start searching. At the top of the page, in the “start your search” field, type in your area of interest.

Last weekend I thought I would give an Airbnb Experience a try. My search was for meditation. I had lots to choose from, including meditation with a Japanese Buddhist Monk. The price was only $14 per person. Sign! Me! Up!

It was a wonderful experience hosted by Kuniatsu, a Buddhist monk, for almost 20 years. His Airbnb profile further explained that he “worked in Shitennoji Temple for 12 years as a monk, doing Zen meditation. I have been doing guided meditations for Airbnb guests for six years, welcoming nearly 8,000 guests.” His reviews were all top-notch.

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I got really excited about this new experience when the day finally arrived; I received my zoom link as promised. I logged in early, turned off my phone, and ready to take in something new.

First, it was hosted in English, so that was a relief. Our instructor, Kuniatsu, was friendly, funny, organized, and very positive. He started the session by getting everyone to introduce themselves. In my group, there were people from Germany, Florida, South Carolina, and India.

Kuniatsu shared his meditation practice, the background of meditation, and how the Airbnb experience would flow. In this session, we did a chanting mantra and breathing out meditation. I didn’t think I was going to like the chanting part but ended up loving it. I found it hard to focus on the chant mantra at first because I kept slipping into singer exercise of me-may-ma-moo. [Insert laughter here]

I highly recommend this meditation class with Kuniatsu. It was an awesome experience. I’ll keep you posted on my next Airbnb Experience.

(Source) Click here for more about Airbnb Experiences. Click here to find out the details about meditation with Kuniatsu with Airbnb Experience.

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