It's always a pleasure to celebrate the accomplishments of your family, friends, loved ones, and neighbors.  So, when someone from our area is doing big things, we are always excited to talk with the individual and to share information with our listeners.

We've followed the career of actor and model Adrian Lockett from movies like Get Hard with Kevin Hart and Will Farrell to Man Down with Shia Labeouf and his continued success with assignments in Tales from the Hood and Black Water with Jean-Claude Van Damme and a brief appearance in Girls Trip.

Most recently, Lockett informed us of a new project he would be taking with major producer Tyler Perry; and when he called, we knew we had to talk with him.

It's no secret, Adrian is not allergic to hard work.  He has paid his dues in the industry and continues to do so. Each "no" is simply direction to the correct path, and we'll continue to observe his path while letting you know where it leads.

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