Buy a whopper for $0.01!

You read that right.

Burger King is embarking on a campaign which is one of the craftiest ways to capitalize on another business’ success.

We all know that technology is taking over everything.  There’s an app for almost anything these days.  Keeping in line with the times, fast food restaurants have apps where customers can order, accumulate loyalty points, get discounts, and more.

McDonald’s has long been burger royalty, and Burger King doesn’t like it. Really… How can you call yourself the king when someone else rules your domain?

Well, McDonald’s may reign supreme in the world of fast food burgers, but Burger King has found a way to sell its food AT McDONALD’S… Well, almost.

Basically, when within 600 feet of a McDonald’s, you can order a Whopper for one cent, using the Burger King app.  And let’s be honest, who’s really going to order a Whopper for a penny and not order anything else?  Oh, you may go to McDonald’s and get your fries and McFlurry, but you’re going to get that $0.01 Whopper.  Saving the money you’d normally spend on a burger gives you a chance to get that pie you usually pass up. And don’t let cheesy tots be on the menu. You’re getting a larger order of those, especially if you passed up on the fries at McDonald’s.

Really, Burger King is hoping getting that Whopper for one cent deters you from going to McDonald’s at all, but how likely is that in a greedy society? Read more.

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