I was the the store the a few weeks ago when they were promoting the movie, The Grinch.  They had him with the pistachio nuts, didn't really car for the slogan but looking at it made me wonder...what happened to the red pistachio nuts. True enough, I didn't miss the red fingers but still wondered.

It turns out that red pistachios have basically disappeared in the U.S. because they were imported from the Middle East The reason that the pistachios red red was because of the red dye used. It was to covered imperfections of the nuts because the nuts were low quality.  Today most of the pistachios we eat are grown in America with a  very good quality and don't need dye.

Though most millennials have never seen a red pistachio, they do still exist, but generally as a novelty item or during this time of the year, for Christmas.

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