Celebrating Janet Jackson’s Birthday With A Throwback Memory

Today is Janet Jackson’s birthday.  She was born May 16, 1966, in Gary, Indiana.  Janet Jackson and her music literally was my soundtrack to my teen and college years.  I was talking with Jade Nicole this morning, and it reminded me of a funny story.  Jade brought up the whole Janet Jackson hoop earning with a key dangling from it.  I had one, a homemade one, but I had one.  My friend bought some hoop earrings and gave me one.  I went into my Dad’s workshop and found a box of old keys.  I “borrowed” two, one for me and one for my friend.  I snuck mine in my purse, and then put it on when I was far away from the house; we thought we were everything!  Then I forgot to take it off, wore it home, and my Dad was looking at me like … what in the world?  And I immediately said, “Well, Janet Jackson wears it.”  And Dad said something like, “well, Janet’s momma should make her take it off too!”  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Hands down my favorite Janet Jackson album is …. Control  - My Favorite song would be “The Pleasure Principle.”

Here are some of my favorite Janet Jackson songs from all here eleven albums.

Album: Janet Jackson

Year: 1982

“Young Love” and “Come Give Your Love To Me”

Album: Dream Street

Year: 1984

“Two to the Power of Love” and “All My Love to you”

Album: Control

Year: 1986

“Control,” “Nasty,” “What Have You Done for Me Lately,” “The Pleasure Principle,” Let’s Wait Awhile,” and “Funny How Time Flies”

Album: Rhythm Nation 1814

Year: 1989

“State of the World,” “Miss You Much,” Love Will Never Do,” “Alright,” “Escapade, “Black Cat,” “Lonely,,” and “Come Back To Me”

Album: Janet

Year: 1993

“That’s the Way Love Goes,” “You Want This,” “Throb,” “The Body That Loves You,” and “Again”

Album: The Velvet Rope

Year: 1997

“Got ‘til It’s Gone,” Together Again,” and “I Get Lonely”

Album: All For You

Year: 2001

“Son of Gun,” and “Doesn’t Really Matter”

Album: Damita Jo

Year: 2004

“My Baby,” “I Want You,” and “Just a Little While”

Album: 20 Y.O.

Year: 2006

“Love 2 Love”

Album: Discipline

Year: 2008

“Rock with U,” “Greatest X,” and “So Much Betta”

Album: Unbreakable

Year: 2015

“Unbreakable”, “2 B Loved,” “Lessons Learned,” and “Well Traveled”

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