We’ve all heard the story before: A person commits a crime and loses his right to vote. But does the person know how to give that right restored? After these clinics he will.

(Before anybody jumps on my back, I know women commit crimes and lose their rights to vote, too. But for the sake of being grammatically correct, I’m using the male to designate a person. Now that that’s out the way…)

Having one’s right to vote restored can be an arduous task. But more often than not, he has no idea of where to even begin and isn’t offered any insight. Thankfully, New Zion Baptist Church in Northport and Weeping Mary Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa have partnered with Legal Services Alabama, ACLU, and Canterbury Episcopal Church to host clinics concerning this very topic.

(Credit: Kerri Ash/Facebook)
(Credit: Kerri Ash/Facebook)

If you are or know of someone who has been disenfranchised and is interested in going through the process of having voting rights restored, please pass along this information!

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