"Awww! That's so cute! You should let me have it!"

Well, this week, she just might!

Parents know just how quickly children grow out of clothes or how much toys and other items for children are "necessities" one day but just taking up room the next. In addition, many parents find themselves buying for their children, which sometimes makes them unable to buy items for themselves.

Each year, a "Closet" consignment sale is held in East Tuscaloosa.  This year's event began on September 7 and will end on September 22.

The Children's Closet offers quality clothing and other items for children at "less than brand new" prices while My Sister's Closet is for adult women. To get more information an an inside look (as well as reviews), click here.

Remember you don't have to pay full price for something to be nice.

The sale is being held at 620 Skyland Boulevard, but this is the last week for it.  So, make plans to visit soon.


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