A dining hall at New York University advertised a special meal in honor of Black History Month. On the menu? Barbecue ribs, corn bread, collard greens, and two beverages with racist connotations: Kool-Aid and watermelon-flavored water.When asked about the apparently racist menu the head cook said that the employees who planned the menu were black.

The university president blamed Aramark, the company that provides the university's food service. Aramark blamed 2 of its workers. Supposedly, they deviated from the company's 'longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion.' So those 2 guys got fired, which I dobt was really their fault. They were just the ones that got blamed.

To fire the 2 low-level workers is to say this is not a systemic problem but an inconsequential deviation from the norm by 2 inconsequential people. And I'd be willing to bet that the two guys that were fired were black. Now go figure that out.


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