You've seen it slowly being built, you've heard all your friends are talking about it, and by now your mouth is already watering in eager anticipation of sinking your teeth into a Single, Double, or Triple Whataburger at their first Tuscaloosa location.

So, when is it going to officially open?

Well, before I spill the beans, I want you to check out their menu right HERE.  My personal favorite is The Mushroom Swiss Burger. Absolutely DELISH! But honestly, you can't go wrong with ANYTHING that they serve, it's ALL good!

So, are you ready to find out WHEN they'll be opening???

Before I say anymore, I should tell you in full disclosure, that this isn't an official Whataburger press release, but rather the "word on the street" from some very credible sources who prefer to remain anonymous. And as a broadcast journalist, I respect their wishes in keeping their identities private. However, I will tell you what I've been told.

So, HERE it is: The word I'm getting from "The Greek Grapevine", (my network of confidential sources), is that if all goes accordingly, the Tuscaloosa Whataburger will be open for business on Wednesday, February 28th.

You heard it from "The Greek Grapevine" First.

Bon Appetite!

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