Something strange is going on in the Pickens County School System; and while many have tried to offer explanations, it's just not adding up for everyone to understand.

(Let me start with this preface: From the time we moved to Alabama, I found it odd that we'd see non-blacks in town, in their yards, we had them as teachers, and they had children; but their children never attended school with us. What made the lessons they taught suitable for everyone else but not good enough for their children?)

So, bringing it to 2018 and what's going on now. How is it that the electives are being taken from existing schools in the system and placed at the Pickens County College and Career Center, which is listed as a public school on the Pickens County Schools website.... Yet, students from Pickens Academy are allowed to participate in its programs?

Public schools in the system are either closing or are being considered for closing.  So, it is understandable that personnel might move around to accommodate different needs, but what's going on with the band at Aliceville High School? It has been stated that there is a new band director and that there is an uproar following this appointment. Apparently, those in the band prefer a particular style while it is rumored that the new director might be more in favor of a corps style band.

Granted, things don't have to remain the way they always have been. Progress is always a good thing, but not all changes mean progress.

Pickens County, sound off. What's really going on?

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