One of the greatest things to come from the COVID-19 pandemic is life has slowed down to the degree that we’re paying closer attention to what’s going on around us!

As such, many of us are seeing needs of which we may or may not have been aware, but we’ve certainly made the time to address them.

This is especially true in the church and religious sector. Numerous churches have become more innovative in serving their members, and even more have found ways to be active in the community.

One such church is Cornerstone Full Gospel Baptist Church (located at 610 Brooksdale Dr; Tuscaloosa, AL 35401).

On Saturday, July 25th, the church will host a “Community Get on Board Day,” where participants will have the opportunity to be tested for COVID-19 free of charge.  In addition, there will be on-site voter registration. The event begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 12 noon.

There’s so much going on in the world right now: social injustices, a deadly pandemic, and a polarizing political season.

These things alone can cause a number of issues if not properly assessed and managed. Combined, they can all play a significant role in one’s mental state becoming more fragile.

Here’s where the church can help.

In no way is this to say that prayer is the only answer.  Counseling is one of the most useful tools we have. However, the expression of love and concern for the fellow man is all some people need to not delve more into a dark place.

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