Though restrictions related to COVID-19 are being lifted in waves, social distancing is still encouraged to some degree. But just how do authorities know how effective the practice is and how well citizens are complying?

It has been suggested that the City of Tuscaloosa might be tracking its citizens' movements.

But how?

We've all driven over sensors in the road that are said to monitor the number of vehicles that travel different roads at various times of day, and we are aware of the traffic cameras (which have existed long before red light cameras), but could other methods be used to monitor movement?

We all know that we give our phones certain permissions which allow gathering of information, including our locations. Suppose-- and we're not saying this is the case --the location on your cell phone was being used to track your movement during the "safer at home" regulations... Would you feel violated, or do you think it is acceptable if it keeps communities safer?


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