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As a person coming from South Florida, it's not uncommon for the news to be filled with crime-ridden stories. Over the weekend I was sitting with a bunch of people and we began discussing the wave of crimes that have happened lately in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham.

Friday night, a 52 year-old Subway employee was shot in the chest during an attempted robbery. The suspects ran after shooting him, and did not even take money.The suspects are still on the run.It's a crazy story that had everyone on edge. Attempted robberies aren't much of a 'thing' in Tuscaloosa.

Residents now worry for their safety when going out at night in their town of Tuscaloosa, and even travelling to Birmingham.

There have even been a series of car break-ins. Which reminds us all that no matter how small our town is, doesn't mean its safe.

Are you worried about the crime in Tuscaloosa? Send us your thoughts.


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