If there's one thing I know about the back-to-school season in college, it's that the parties will be happening back to back.

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Reflecting on my college experience, I recall it being tough to find a party that's hype, with good music, and in a safe space where I didn't feel endangered.

I also wanted to have the turn-up of a lifetime but NOT have to exit the function like this girl.


The Croom Foundation is excited to welcome the students back to Tuscaloosa with The College Xperience.

The College Xperience, a program under The Croom Foundation, will welcome all college students back to campus with the Official Back to Campus Pool Bash.

The pool party will take place on Saturday, August 27th at the outdoor rec pool located on the University of Alabama behind the student recreational center across from the Alabama Softball Complex.

The Back to Campus Pool Bash is completely free for all college students and will feature food, drinks, games, prizes, and special guest appearances all while yours truly, Big Dawg Dre Day will keep the party going.

The gates will open at 6:30 pm and once it's full, entry will be closed.

Space is limited, so being late will definitely keep you outside the gate.

Keep in mind that all college students MUST present a mobile or physical college ID to enter and security will be STRICTLY enforced.

If you'd like more information, follow The College Xperience on Instagram @Collegexperienceua.

Spread the word to every college student you know. It's definitely going to be a vibe!

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