Ok Alabama, I tried to hold this one in but It seems certain people need to hear this. Drivers in Alabama simply need to do better.

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It almost seems like everywhere I live or visit, the common theme is "people don't know how to drive here." I've been to Houston, Atlanta, Nashville, Miami, North Carolina, Louisiana, and even Jamaica and I hear the natives say the same thing. It's always, "People here don't know how to drive."

You know what? I get it. Most times we all believe we can do things better than the next person. We think we can organize something better than the person that works at the clothing store. We think we can manage the restaurant better than the GM. We sometimes even think we could run the country better than the President of the United States! I have to admit, people in Alabama are not lying when they say Alabamians cannot drive.

I've been here almost two years and seen some of the most random accidents of my life. I'd be passing by an accident scene and wondering how this even happened?! It just looks too outlandish to even be possible.

The worst is seeing drivers without license plates or the drivers that jump from one far lane all the way to the other far lane. You didn't know you wanted to turn right this whole time?! How do you just jump two whole lanes in less than 30 feet without using a turning signal? What makes that ok?!

I could go on and on about the craziness I see from Alabama drivers but it's safe to say that drivers in this state could do a lot better. Have you had any bad experiences on Alabama roads?

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