The WBC Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Deontay Wilder was here in Tuscaloosa yesterday (6/5) to speak to the children at the Police Athletic League’s basketball camp. More than 100 children between the ages of 8-18, participated in the camp.

Deontay said “They’re going to go back, even the ones that are half way paying attention, I got their focus because they saw I was real and I want to be a father figure to them,”

Deontay also spoke about creating something you want to become, goal setting, and rising above negative comments made by others.

“I’m above what they say and I will prove them wrong,” Wilder said of his speech to the children, “I’m going to prove you wrong. It’s not an “if,” it’s a when.”

Wilder also said he will have a big fight announcement soon!

“I’m very confident that it will happen. That’s just a fact of when, there’s so many things going on. Boxing is definitely a business and we approach it accordingly. Boxing is a worldwide sport, so we have so many different people all over the world.

Very positive young man and I'm looking forward to seeing him fight.

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