So, I'm sitting at my computer, as comedian Steve Brown would say, "Just minding my business when...."

I hear a commercial with gospel music-- Wait, wait.  Not gospel music... CHURCH music!  I turn to see what it is. Lo and behold, McDonald's is taking us to church!


Those of us who attend any kind of charismatic church recognize those chords anywhere.  Somehow, they make you want to go into a praise break for absolutely no reason.  And sure, they're supposedly singing about the food and the deal, but that "Sooo good".....

How long is it gonna be before people post themselves dancing to the commercial?  If you decide to do it and post it, please tag us. #929wtug and #McChurchy

Is it bad that I wish the commercial was a little longer?  Then again, maybe that's part of their strategy.  Give us a little, and make us want more so we watch it over and over until the food is in our subconscious. Well played, McDonald's. Well played.

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