Last week, I took time to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies: checking out Tuscaloosa real estate.

In recent years, life has taken a turn that has me quite busy, moving from one place to another. But as I roll, I always take note of new developments, landscape changes, etc.

The other day, I took time to go down a few streets I don't take often. On the small road that takes you from Cypress Creek Avenue to Hargrove Road, I came upon the construction of Jackson II Apartments.


While passing by, I saw the building and immediately thought, "Whoa! Those look nice." So, I stopped to get more information.


And to think... I was ready to put my house on the market!

It's great to see that care is being put into government-assisted living facilities. Residents rarely want to rely on welfare systems. So, the fact that new housing projects are not subpar and actually look like somewhere anyone would like to stay is sure to build residents' confidence, making them feel like they can accomplish more.

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